Ever since 2018, Borneo Digital has worked with clients locally and internationally. They include federal and state government agencies, commercial companies, start-ups and GLCs. We believe in a working relationship where our consultation and execution of our solutions works best for the client in their context and circumstances.

We started with the initiation of a humble lifestyle portal, I Love Kuching to cater to local happenings where we are based in. We then saw potential in expanding our reach to make what is now I Love Borneo ( Through the expansion of our offerings and products, we now have come a long way.

We’ve also recently supported Great People TV (@greatpeopletv) for an exciting journey of the sports and business audience, bringing notable guests via livestream and podcasts.

In 4 short years, we’ve evolved from being a small project of two founders consolidating their expertise– into one team that connects multiple areas of skills and experienced decision making. Our diversity of personalities and ideas become our strength. We make bespoke and creative solutions so our clients experience successful campaigns, execute initiative and agendas, create memorable impressions and meaningful events. All this with great camaraderie and trust, as we grow with our clients.

We respectfully share with our clients that in whatever we do, we do it with purpose, honesty, and a lot of thought. This relationship enables Borneo Digital to create true value to our clients, the industry, and to their ecosystem at large– more than just the monetary. Our past projects and work will speak for themselves, and we hope you’ll take time to look.

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